May 10th – Jullian James live at Dominion NY

Jullian James Julian dominion ny ever fine live jullianjames

Happy to announce my upcoming show at Dominion NY on Thursday May 10th! Should be a great show with lots of love and laughs, so bring a friend. Live~

Jullian James
Live at Dominion NY
Thursday, May 10th
428 Lafayette NY 10003
Tix: $10 advance | $15 at the door |

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The Rising Hollywood

JullianJames logo Jullian Julian therisinghollywood the rising hollywood pic picture photo

Greetings! Check out my new interview on Sharing~

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Metaphorically Speaking

“If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” – Henry David Thoreau

I had always been a tad off beat, a little backwards reading most books, and articles from back to front to know the outcome before the cause. I wanted to feel safe in knowing that what I was spending my time reading, and learning was really worth my energy. I think it was a sort of safety mechanism. “What happens if I read this, and by the end what I have learned gets me nowhere?” “If I get nothing from this what was the point?” So after moving to New York City a year, and some months ago now, I have taken on more of an iridescent view on life, really seeing there is more than meets thee eye to the outcome of anything, and that there is more to be learned in the cause. I look back thinking how ignorant it really was of me to think of receiving an outcome before a cause, how could I really enjoy the fruits with out the labor anyway? It’s a sobering beauty, life and it’s lessons being able to get through the scrambled, the erratic, the deranged, and the delirious. Letting the dust settle to see, and most importantly feel the difference, and knowing the importance to its reason. What a relief huh? Discipline, and a little ingenuity pay off! Metaphorically speaking the outcome of the books we read we may not enjoy, we may not appreciate, and we may not agree with, but the cause from page one into the final chapter tell tale to how we arrived there, and that my friends is most important. When latter days come, and life does it’s circular motion it will always do the same synopsis will show it’s pages, and it is our job to not take our lessons in vein, but the second time around to make a rational, intelligent decision with ALL the information… And so life becomes an intuitive read… Metaphorically Speaking

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The Miami Herald

I was mentioned in The Miami Herald along with my friends Julissa and Adrienne, who came out to see me perform. I love sharing these fun moments and memories. WhatsNext~

Check it out here:

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NEW SINGLE – Its About Feelin Good

Jullian James Its About Feelin Good Front Cover

Its HERE! So excited to share my new single with you :) cause “It’s About Feelin’ Good” NewMusic~ Joy~

Click here to listen:
Click here to buy on iTunes:

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Lifestyle & Charity Mag

Jullian James LC magazine lifestyle and charity sway

Thanks to Lifestyle & Charity Magazine for the great feature! L+C~

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Guest of a Guest – Sway Lounge

Jullian James Guest of Guest Sway Lounge Live

Big thanks to Guest of a Guest for coming out to my show at Sway Lounge to benefit Musicians on Call. Click here to check out the great feature:

Click here to check out some awesome photos from the event:

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Adapting to change with indescribable ease, reflecting multiple colors with changing angles of light. Capable of flight in all directions, up, down, left, right, forwards and backwards. The nature of the fly is that of a human to me. The dragonfly is so parallel with man that it’s spiritual meaning seem to be exactly what we all pray for on our own journeys to strength, and happiness. Have you ever found yourself caught in the path of the flies making way, floating fast with a slight bob in the air like the free spirit of a child? The presence of this leaves you captivated, like they know, they understand the will of living, and the rewards of a happy existence. I believe the world to be so powerful. Inspiration floating right in front of our faces, all we have to do is be willing to take a chance, and break through this mold, this barrier we have found so vital to our acceptance. Did you know the dragonfly does not beat their wings in unison like other insects do? Their front wings can be going up while their back wings are going down! I call it “living in between the beats of music; Being different.” We are so afraid to fly our own way in our own direction that we change ourselves to fly in others paths, because it’s safe, and it is “acceptable.” I find it ironic though, because we are all so enamored with the lives of those who don’t conform, who seem to flap their wings a little differently. We fall in love with them, we want to learn from them, take on their ways, and do the things they did to make them happy… But how does that fare, when everyone one of us is beautiful in our own right? We all carry beauty, we all have our own trinkets, our own special rhythm. We get so caught up in trying to be something what we are not personally, and spiritually, that in turn we literal lose ourselves, and forget truly what makes us as individuals, as “dragonflies” happy. I can not conform to someone I am not. I will work, and I will fight for what I believe. With my music I want to help people see it is ok to move to your own beat, and fly your own path. Oh how beautiful it would be to remain individuals, and enjoy the beauties of others. Because we are all Dragonflies~

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My Souldier team at Sway Lounge

Jullian James

Thanks to everyone who came out to my show at SWAY to support Musicians On Call. Your energy was great. Can’t wait to perform again soon! thankful~

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Tuesday March 13th – Live at Sway in NYC

Jullian James live at sway

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