From Jullian

We all have our very own passage in time, a line of circumstances built by ourselves, and everyone surrounding us. Some get lost in experiences, too lost to find their way to mending broken wings. Some of us take our broken wings as a chance to hit the ground running, a stellar performance of true triumph, one that every man, and woman is capable! It’s important that I say this, because I truly believe in every one of us there is a light that comes to life when we are brought into this world as a child. An innocence in many sorts, that leads to such happiness, willingness, ability, and confidence. There is no fear of being judged or bruised by words that affect our tender hearts. Unfortunately, most of us are overwhelmed by the judgement, hatred, and the fortress it takes to survive this one life, we lose that light we build up a skin so hard, and so intricately impenetrable that we have gone so far as to forget what it feels like to cry. On my debut album, From My Integrated Soul, I have laid out my life for any single one of you willing to listen. This album I’ve created is ironic to me, and I say that because of what it has taken to bring it to life. I was always running, never willing to let myself be known by me, my family or anyone else for that matter. And now that’s exactly what is has taken to tell my story; being myself completely. Music is a place where there is absolutely no room for anything, but 100% soul. My album is a symbol of life after life, a sort of deal, and understanding that you can have with your past by confronting and, respecting it. Moving on, and moving back towards that bright light that we all shared when we were young.

We have all stood in a pile of mud, so deep, stuck smack dab in the middle of a railroad track, overwhelmed, filled with shame. Listen to my story, humbled, and hopeful that with the greatest gift of knowing myself, comes the greatest gift I could ever give you.
A true story of Integrated Soul…

Love Jullian,
And, with light in our eyes and wings in the sky,
we come back to the young child we all have inside.


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