The Record

I always felt great artists could invoke feelings in people. Feelings they did not know they did not know. Feelings people had missed in themselves, maybe feelings they pain to feel again, even feelings to inspire new life. Great artists inspire this all through fearless sounds, and words with the last of their mind payed to how ugly it may be, or how close to the bone the pain of these uncoverings may make themselves, and the listener feel. February 8th 2011 I walked into the production studio with a vision. My inspiration was the world, and all that the world entails I wrapped this hefty inspiration around my life story. I took smells, sounds, movements, desires, pains, lessons, colors, music, places, things, people, cultures, time periods, and created a platform of likings for myself somewhere I could sit comfortably, and compose beautiful music. January 24th 2012 I walked out with my vision physically in my hand. In the most literal way I could possibly put it, I held my life in my hands as I walked Hell’s Kitchen uptown making my way home to take a listen. There are many words, and many ways to express a feeling, but when a man is blessed with a physically obtainable vision of all he’s dreamed, anything that could be said out loud would be an understatement to the way his spirit feels inside. Swiftly within the past year my faith has grown strong, my belief in man has grown strong, and my love for this world has grown great. What more could an artist ask for than a platform of unlimited inspiration, and beauty? I say nothing! :)

Debut Record: “From My Integrated Soul”

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One Response to The Record

  1. Victoria Elliott says:

    I love the sound of your voice,I just heard a bit of Don’t Trip and Fall.Beautiful Jullian just a blessing…I’m for sure just one of your fans,Good-Luck!!!!

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