A New Years Resolution

The eve of this new year brings me great joy and excitement! I couldn’t have asked for a more fulfilling 2011. For this new year, my new years resolution… Is to just keep pushin’ forward and to stay on my steady path to great unconditional love, relationships, and success in my art! I feel beautiful things for myself, my loved ones, and the world. I feel 2011 has helped us shift, has helped lights shine, has cleared roads, made paths, has broken some of us down so intensely that our uphill climb may now begin. 2011 has enabled us to be a little less fearful of taking chances and moving outside the box. It has set us up strong! I believe we should all take strong consideration into what we pray for this year. What boils our blood or thins our tears? All of our yearning desires must be put into account because, for some reason, this year just feels so right, so plenty, so huge in such a lovely way… This is not a year for time. This is the time for a year… Amen~

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One Response to A New Years Resolution

  1. Ginny says:

    Love your writing and your music. You are oh so right about 2012. It is time to push forward, move outside our comfort zone, look back on who we were in 2011 and what we want to be in 2012.
    Know ourselves, love ourselves, be ourselves, enjoy our journey here.
    Thanks, Julian

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