Duo Hosts the Rose Hartman After Party

Jullian with Bernadette Brennan

It was a late night for many as the nightlife cognoscenti flocked to the newly opened DUO*** in New York City. DUO, an opulent space just steps away from Madison Square Park, already had quite a crowd on Thursday, November 3rd. Guests of Rose Hartman’s were promptly stamped and led inside to an open wine bar, music, and picture snapping– a worthy after-party indeed.

Savvy guests arrived directly following the Incomparable Women of Style Opening Reception. We spotted model Nick Hissomdining with friends, initially snacking on both truffled pommes frites and truffle pizza and later on a full dinner. The hipster set also included supermodel Georgianna Robertson, among others, and finally Rose Hartman herself (see photo below w/ DUO owners Sabina & Lorraine Belkin) who arrived an hour or so after the after-party began.

Other attendees of the after-party included: Jullian James, Bernadette Brennan, Dr. Robert Grant, John Wegorzewski and Ed Callaghan, Berry Brown, Tia Walker, Peggie Walker, and others. ‘Twas a successful night-party on Rose!

More photos at www.thequestforit.com

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